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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

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Googling my Weekend Away

This weekend I had the opportunity to present at the AppsEvent Seattle Summit Featuring Google For Education.  It was great to learn, be inspired and share with so many educators using Google from around our region and even around the world.  I picked up a few new tips and tricks that I am excited to use and share with others.  It is exciting to see how responsive Google's education team is to teachers and how they continue to tweak and improve products to help teachers and students.

Allison Mollica with AppsEvents shared a newsy presentation about several of the new features in Google Apps for Education.  She is one of my tribe who believes that there is power in sharing so she has given me permission to share her presentation here.

Another common theme throughout was the idea that Google Apps are just tools, what can make them amazing, or not so amazing, is how they are used.  Just by using Google Apps or other tech, does not mean that your students are getting a huge learning impact.  But when tech is used with good pedagogy, amazing learning can happen.

It is important for us to build our tool box of available tools and learn to use these tools well.  It is really fun when we get to the point where we can mash up the tools like a wonderful recipe for learning, using a dash of one tool and a cupful of another tool.  But all of this is even more amazing when we attach this engaging tech to great pedagogy and purpose.  Keep your goals in mind and don't get swept away in a sea of tools and apps.

Here is a link to the three presentations I did.  All three focused on using different types of tools for instruction, assessment and feedback.

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