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Thursday, September 17, 2015

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Early Tech Adopter Team Grants To Be Reviewed Oct. 1st.

Tech Levy funds were used to place 13 carts of mobile devices for use with grade level (elementary) and content area (secondary) teams throughout the district.  As funds for the three year levy roll out, we will continue to place technology in teams where teachers have shown that they have developed a plan for use, for sharing and for professional development. Several Early Tech Adopter Grants have already been written and are ready for the process to begin.  We will be reading grants for the second distribution round on October 1.  If your team has already completed and turned in your grant, you may want to revisit it before that time to make sure all of the information still applies to your current needs and plans.  If you are thinking about getting a grant ready to be read, this is your heads up that the next reading will be happening in a few weeks.  
To find out more about the reasoning behind the grant process, and to access the grant, Please click on this link.   Pin It Now!

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