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Friday, September 4, 2015

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9-4-15 Fresh Start and New Ways to Learn

We are off to a great start in the Mount Vernon School District.  Students are excited, and teachers are ready and set for a super year.  That is one thing I love about teaching.  Every year, we get to start fresh.  We've reflect on what worked, we challenge ourselves to try new things and we dive in to another year of learning.  As you can see in the Doc below, we've created lots of ways for you to stay in the know about all things Digital Literacy in the district.  I certainly don't expect you to frequent all of these avenues, but hopefully, you will pick an avenue that fits into your style and be able to keep up to date and perhaps even share cool things that are happening in your classroom with others.


To get us rolling, I am going to offer a series of challenges each week.  Those who participate, will be entered into a drawing for a small, but exciting prize.

This week's challenge is to Like our Facebook Page.  Now if you have chosen not to be on Facebook, I will tell you that the chance of the small, but exciting prize will not be worth your effort.  Just wait until the next week and maybe you will find something more up your alley.  But, if you are someone who regularly checks Facebook, "liking" our page might prove to be the best way for you to receive tips and useful tools, Instagram photos from around the district and links to blogs written by other teachers in our district.

Just click this link and hit like and you are connected!

Like Mount Vernon Schools Digital Literacy on Facebook. 

For those 74 of you who have already liked the page, you are in the drawing as well.  :)

Here are some other ways to get connected.

Ready for more tech in your classroom?  Get your grade level or content team together and check out the MVSD Early Tech Adopter Team Grants.
Itching to learn new things?  Of course you are!  Check out the MVSD Digital Literacy Workshop Cloud Academy.  Set your own pace, try out new things and reflect on learning.  Earn clock hours in the process.
Mount Vernon Digital Literacy Facebook Page:  Join to get updates, resources and celebrations of all the great things happening in our district.
Follow @MVDigital on Twitter:  Pretty much the same info, but for the Twitter crowd.
If you are interested in Pinteresting, check out the things I am pinning on Pinterest.
Join our community on Google+ to get updates, news, ask questions and share learning celebrations.  
You must be logged in to Google+ in  Search for MVSD Digital Literacy Professional Development or try this link.
Not into Twitter and Facebook  (for work) quite yet?  Check out my blog, Opening Doors to Digital Learning or our new Digital Literacy Workshop blog which will (hopefully) have contributions from teachers learning and doing cool stuff with tech throughout the district.
Digital Literacy Workshop Blog
Opening Doors to Digital Learning:
Check out Mount Vernon Digital on Instagram.  My goal is as I am moving throughout the district to snap some of the cool and interesting things I see happening in teaching and digital literacy throughout the district.
If you are on Instagram, you can join in the fun by snapping photos and videos that show the spirit of learning in our district share with the hashtag #mvsddigital,  (Please be mindful when publishing photos of students that they have not opted out of being published.  Don’t caption pictures or videos with student names.  Just share what is happening. )

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