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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

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A Very Smart Sidekick

This year, as I have visited schools, you might have noticed that I have a sidekick with me.  She is no ordinary sidekick, she is a very smart and talented sidekick and I am thrilled to be learning with Dr. Paula Dagnon at my side for the next two quarters.  Paula is a professor of Instructional Technology at Western Washington and she has chosen to work and learn alongside of me for her sabbatical.  This is a great win for the Mount Vernon School District as she has a lot to offer as we move forward with integrating technology in meaningful and transformative ways.   She and I brainstorm, plan and problem solve together.  Actually having my own PLC has been extremely helpful.  Paula digs in and helps in anyway I ask.  Currently, she is working on updating the iPad lessons that are used by specialist in some of our elementary schools.  We are also doing drop in visits at all of the schools and working with the teams of teachers who have received technology through the Early Tech Adopter Team Grants. Paula's is interested in learning all of the struggles and celebrations of teaching with technology in the K-12 environment so that she can better prepare her students at the university level.  So when you see Paula, be sure to give her a warm welcome and perhaps invite her into your classroom to show her how tech is being used in the Mount Vernon School District.  
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