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Monday, April 19, 2010

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Prezi is an interesting tool for creating non-linear presentations. This is a fun tool to use when you want to try something a little different than PowerPoint. In fact, you can pop your Power Point right into Prezi for a cool new look. I have to admit to just scratching the surface on using this tool. Lots more to learn. What has been fun though, is as I have shared this tool with other teachers, they have wowed me with the great uses they have come up with for using this tool in their classrooms and in sharing with other teachers.

Greg Doud is using Prezi as a tool to review content from his class. This is a very visual way to share information with his students. He used Jing to record his presentation and posted it on his ThinkSocial blog. Students are able to go back and review and replay as needed.

Teresa Creelman used Prezi to share Blooms Taxonomy Across Stages of Language Acquisition. I loved how she used this tool in a very simple way to make a powerful point.

You can apply through for an Educator Account. This will give you more functionality for free. Thanks Prezi! Pin It Now!

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