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Monday, October 12, 2009

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10-12-09 This Week's Web 2.0 Wows.

Now this is very cool and easy to create. With Xtranormal you can create Text to Video animated movies. You pick your characters and scenes. (Limited for the free version). You type in text. Choose camera angles, expressions and actions and a movie is created. At this point, they do not have an education version, but one is in the works. I know that students would LOVE creating digital stories and dialog with this tool. It is also a fun way for teachers to introduce a lesson or give announcements. I shared this tool with middle school Science and Social Studies teachers in August. A few of the teachers have used this tool to share class rules. Here is Xtranormal movie I created as an Ad for Digital Literacy Workshops.

Someone just shared Triptico with me this weekend so I still have more exploring to do. This is a digital magnetic word wall. You put in some words and then the words are turned into word "magnets" which are mixed up at the bottom of the page. Think of the refrigerator magnetic poetry. This would be amazing on a SmartBoard, but can be used with a mouse at a computer as well. The cool thing about Triptico is that not only will it make word "magnets" of any words you select, but it also provides a large selection of graphic organizers as a background. So, you can take your words and put them in a Venn Diagram or a Word Web. You can alphabetize words and much much more. Lots of possibilities here.

I am a big fan of TEDTalks. TEDTalks are inspirational and motivational speeches by some of the greatest thinkers around. Some of the TEDtalks deal directly with education, but many have to do with other issues as well. In this TEDTalk, Daniel Pink, author of A Whole New Mind, talks about Motivation. Would love to hear your ideas about the implications of this research in education.

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