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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

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Connect, Create and Collaborate with Google Tools

This session was a lot of fun as I got to share the power of using Google Collaborative tools. Most teachers had used Google Docs to create and store their own work. Kind of like a flash drive in the clouds. But very few had used the tools to collaborate with their peers or with students. I shared lots of resources and ideas. And then we actually had a chance to try our hand at collaborating on a few projects. In the first project, I asked everyone to share something that they had learned at the conference on a Google Presentation slide. I was able to invite teachers to join because at the beginning, I had asked them to fill out a form including their e-mail address. I was able to go into the Google Spreadsheet and easily copy the list of e-mails and paste them into the share part of our Google Presentation. This was the first time I tried to gather e-mail addresses in this way and it worked slick for gathering info at a session like this. At the end, we had just a few minutes to explore collaborating with a Google Map. I had teachers post a placemark and share what type of innovative and engaging uses of technology they were using in their district to improve student learning. Great hands on fun and a glimpse into how easy it can be to collaborate using Google Tools.

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Diane P said...

What is the Google Boot Camp?
I just used Google presentation to review the previous session we had done on Google Docs. Many of my teachers had not used the chat in the Google presentation so it was fun for them