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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

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Discovery Educator Network NCCE Event with Reed Timmer

Lots of fun and networking was had at this DEN Event on Thursday night. It was wonderful to see so many DEN members and STARS. We were even blessed with a few STARS all the way from California. What fun to have both Jannita Demian and Dennis Grice at the event. Lots of great sharing and dreaming of what to do next happened during the event. We all had the chance to meet Reed Timmer from Discovery Channel's Storm Chasers. He has lots of amazing stories to tell. He is a great example of how being in to Science can take you to amazing places. We were entertained and inspired more by Reed Timmer when he presented the closing Keynote on Friday. He shared lots of harrowing clips that proved that he has to be a little bit crazy to do what he does. I thought it was great how he emphasized that what he does adds to scientific research and saves lives.

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Thanks DEN for hosting such a fun event.

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