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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

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365 Day Photo Challenge

Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.

Last year in early January, I read about the 366 Flickr Challenge. The challenge was to take a post a photo every day of 2008. Well, at that point, I had already missed out because New Years day had come and passed. I wrote a post about my own personal challenge. I was going to try to take one photo a day in my classroom. I completely failed. I took a lot of photos in my class, but I couldn't get in the habit of intentionally taking one a day. I would get busy teaching and forget to take photos.

Well this year, I decided I would try again. My goals are to keep my eyes out for the wonders around me, document a great year and improve my photography techniques. Since I am not in the classroom this year, I am not going to be focusing on my class. Just life in general. Funny, I have only been doing this for 7 days and I am already thinking of themes for how I will do it next year. So far, I have not had difficulty finding at least one photo a day. In fact, I am having trouble deciding which photo of many to use everyday. Sometimes a photo is about the composition and quality, but sometime it is about the story of the day. I am using a Canon PowerShot A560 (point and shoot) digital camera for most of the photos. So another thing that I will learn is the limits of the camera. I started off in photography as a teenager and have loved taking photos ever since. I admit to getting lazy with the new little point and shoots that are just so much more handy than the huge camera bag I used to lug around with all the different lenses. Sometimes, though, when I see the perfect shot, I really miss those lenses. But most of the time, I feel that I am actually able to be a better photographer because the camera is there when the photo opportunity rises. How many shots have I missed digging for the perfect lens. So, hopefully I will be able to keep up with this journey and you can watch me grow as a photographer. I am posting my photos at Martha's 365 Photo Challenge. I am also a member of a Flickr Group where several of us are sharing our photos each day. I am hoping that this will encourage me to see this challenge through.

Even though it is too late to start the 365 challenge this year. Consider sharing a photo a week. Or just making an effort to document more of the wonder and learning in your life with photos throughout the year . Pin It Now!


Colette Cassinelli said...

I'm loving the 365 day challenge. I wanted to do it last year so when I saw the open invitation from Alec Couros -I jumped at the chance. I don't have a special blog - just posting it to the Flickr group but I love the FlikrSlidr slideshow. I'm going to embed that in my blog. Thanks for always sharing such awesome tips and projects.

Laurie said...

Hi Martha,
Found your blog via our GCT group. Was prompted by your recent post re: the snow presentation. Like you, I am a tech coach (though my formal title is "Coordinator Technology Training" and like you, I find that a way off-putting title!
Anyway, just wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying reading your blog and discovering your projects. I've been in the computer field for over 25 years, and your approach and comments are inspirational!
Regards, Laurie Bartels

Martha said...

Thanks Laurie, I am glad that I can share. We have so much we can learn from each other.