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Sunday, February 24, 2008

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A well loved tradition at NCCE is the Digitalkies competition. Each year students create videos in one of several categories including, "tell me a story", music videos, animation and public service announcements. This year, the competition has gone online. All the entries were uploaded onto TeacherTube. And now you can go to the NCCE wiki to vote for your favorites. The online voting is pretty simple. You just leave a comment ranking the videos on the listed criteria. This is my classes' second year participating in the film festival. Each year our school puts on a big play. Last year we decided to donate half of one night's ticket sales to Heifer International and organization that works to end world hunger. My class decided to make a Public Service Announcement to run before the play. Last year the play was Aladdin so our Public Service Announcement had a genie theme. This year we did Beauty and the Beast. My students wrote a parody to the song "Be Our Guest". This is a fun tradition I plan on continuing with my class. We, of course, would love for you to go to the Digitalkies site and comment on our video.

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Clif said...

Great video! I'm going to show it to my class (graduate class of teachers) as an example of using technology in the classroom.

I'm impressed!

Martha said...

Thanks for the comments Clif. A lot of fun and learning took place during this project.