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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

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10-01-14 Chromebook Lab Pioneers

Mike Medcalf helping change a computer lab into a K classroom.
This week's drop in was to Little Mountain Elementary.  Little Mountain is bursting at the seams currently. They have more kids than classrooms.  This is being remedied by dismantling their computer lab and making that space into a new Kindergarten classroom.  With no physical space for a lab classroom, Yvonne Bowman is taking her classes "on the road".  This brave soul received a cart of Chromebooks this morning, just in time to start working with her first class of students.  She had a great group of 3rd graders in Mrs. Maxwell's class who made the process go well.  Although, the students had been learning their network password, they now needed to learn their Google log-in which added 20 characters to the log-in that they had previously been working on.  (It is now their username plus the email address. ) Mrs. Maxwell, was prepared with student log in information for the various programs that they use already on cards for the kids and the kids knew just what to do.
The first look at the new Chromebooks!
I'd say that this whole scenario is a great example of how we as educators practice flexibility daily. We just do what we need to do to make learning work for our students.  There are still many lessons to learn as Little Mountain pioneers through our first traveling Chromebook lab.  I look forward to learning, problem solving and brainstorming with these educators as we make this new system work in a way that is engaging and effective for our students.

Love the exercise balls for chairs.  I first saw this
when I visited the Googleplex. :) 
Besides it being moving day and new Chromebook Lab day at Little Mountain, it was also picture day.  There seemed to be a hive of activity everywhere I went and teachers were rushing to smile for a picture and get back to their rooms to prepare for the day.  I did get a chance to chat with a few teachers and help answer a few techy questions, but even with not much visiting time, I was able to see a lot of great preparation from teachers and many welcoming smiles for their students as the day began.  I look forward to learning more with Little Mountain teachers this year and getting to know all of the new teachers on board for this great adventure of teaching. Pin It Now!

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