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Monday, September 29, 2014

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09-29-14 Yopp!

Photo by Martha Thornburgh (Roswellsgirl)

Sometimes I feel like a voice calling in the wilderness or perhaps a citizen of Whoville making as much noise as I think possible as I try to share with teachers.  Teachers are busy, busy people and it takes a lot for me to break into their world and be heard. My training isn't in marketing, it is in teaching.  Teachers don't often have to market their classes and hope that someone responds. Teachers don't make elaborate plans for classes in which students may or may not show up.  Teachers usually have a captive audience and their planning is based on the audience that is certain. For me it is a shot in the dark and I try every avenue possible and every method I can think of to make my voice heard against the deafening clamor of the daily life of a teacher.  

My charge is to help inspire, encourage, inform and support teachers as they work to integrate technology into teaching in effective and engaging ways.   My plan of action is to try to meet the teachers where they are, share information in the most convenient format for their own particular needs.  To that end, I send emails, create Pinterest Boards, maintain a Facebook Page, author a blog, develop websites, make classroom visits, offer after school classes, and the list goes on and on. And yet, with all of the commotion I make, I am barely heard.  

Why am I sharing this?  Who will even read it?  I am sharing because frankly I am frustrated.  I want to do my job better.  I need suggestions on how to be better heard.  How can I, one person, inspire, encourage, inform and support when no one is even listening? I am not sharing to make people feel guilty for not reading my messages, and attending my trainings.  There are reasons you don't, I get that.  I just have to figure out if what I am currently doing isn't helpful to teachers, what changes I need to make to help you.  

Just in case someone is reading.... here is what I am currently doing to try to promote digital learning.  What suggestions do you have for what I am already doing? What additions do you think I should make?  
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