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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

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09-23-14 Getting Geeky: Join Us For Geeky Teachers Club Oct. 1

Today I created a drum set with a potted plant, some Scratch code and a Makey Makey.  As I worked through the process, I felt like I was learning a whole other language and indeed I was.  I was learning to code.  I have to say, when I look at circuit boards, resistors, diodes, etc.,  I feel way out of my league of nerdiness. But let me turn my potted plant into a drum set and you have me hooked.

We have several teachers who are very excited about the power of teaching coding, and physical computing to students.  Not only do students who know how to code have great career opportunities in their future, but it also helps them to understand algebraic concepts, sequencing, logic, problem solving and to develop their creativity.

I decided that this is the year that I am going to get beyond my fear of coding, circuits and such and learn how to use these tools so that I can help champion these ideas in our district.  I have purchased an Arduino Kit, a Makey Makey and am going through tutorials for Scratch on  For most of us, this is a very foreign world.  But we are teachers, we love learning and trying new things.

With this in mind, I have scheduled a time for teachers wanting to learn more about coding and physical computing to come together about once a month to play and learn together.  Fortunately, we have some really knowledgeable people in this field right here in our district who are excited about sharing their knowledge with us.  But for the most part, we are all newbies at this and we will be learning together.

I hope that you will take on this challenge and join us in learning at our Geeky Teachers Club: Coding in the Classroom.  Our first session will be at the District Office Tech Lab on Wednesday, October 1.  The lab will be open from 3:00 - 5:00 with the idea that the first hour is more suitable schedule wise for secondary teachers and the second hour are more suitable for elementary teachers but please feel free to come to whichever session fits your needs most.  I plan to bring my potted plant and play the drums.  You can play too.  These sessions and the content are appropriate for all grade levels.  Kindergarteners can learn to code!

I plan to share my progress in this blog throughout the year, so stay tuned and watch as I learn and I hope that you will jump in and learn with me. Plan to come have some geeky fun at our first Geeky Teachers Club next week.

Upcoming Professional Development Opportunities

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October 25, 21014
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