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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

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09-17-14 Dropping in for Inspiration

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This year, I have set up a "drop in" schedule to make sure I am able to regularly get around all the schools to see what is happening and learn how I best can support. This morning I "dropped in" at Jefferson Elementary. I felt a bit awkward at first, because I know that often, people have some sort of an agenda when they are making classroom visits.  But I was just there to see what was happening, let teachers know that I was there to support them and help out when I could.  It turned out to be a great visit.  I got to visit with Mistry Williams about life in Kindergarten.  She shared with me how she was using music videos for transition activities with the kids. Here are a few she likes. Alphabet videos by “Have Fun Teaching  , KidsTV123 and HarryKindergarten    I shared GoNoodle, a great website with fun "Brain Breaks" for students.  Deena Franklin shared that she and Becky Wietzke were going to participate in the Global Read Aloud again this year.  She is making plans to connect with other classrooms via Skype and Edmodo.  While visiting with Marla Egbers and Melinda Flaig, they shared that they were planning to participate in a Discovery Education virtual field trip to the National Archives today to make connections with their unit on the Constitution.  I even had the opportunity to help Rosie Alves, secretary, set up her Google Account.  She was immediately excited about how she could use this tool to share documents with teachers.  Andy Bishop, Jefferson's new Digital Literacy Coach shared that he had led a little workshop during their last staff meeting on Google Docs. Alyssa Willey shared how she plans to use Google Presentations to create GLAD content area big books.  In Jane Anderson's first grade class, students were building knowledge of community which is the school's theme for the month.  She had the kids working as as a community in small groups.  I even got to sing a long to "The Bear Went Over the Mountain" with her first grade community.  Thanks to all of the teachers at Jefferson who let me into their world for a little while this morning.

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