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Friday, September 13, 2013

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Teaching and Learning with Technology: Blended Learning Group

Teaching and Learning with Technology: Blended Learning Group

I am excited about the opportunity to work with a small group of Mount Vernon teachers throughout the year in a blended learning model.  Teachers involved in this project will meet a 3 times during the year in a group and then will participate in online discussions,webinars and projects as they practice what they are learning in the classroom.  I will also be visiting with these teachers in their classrooms and modeling lessons. This class will be designed to meet the needs and goals of the teachers who are participating.  

If you are a Mount Vernon Schools teacher interested in being considered for this group.  Please complete this form.  If there is more interest than space available, you may be placed on a waiting list with priority for the next school year.

Applications will be open until September 20.  I will review the responses and send out invitations and waiting list notices on Sept. 23.

Limit: 10 teachers ( preference to a variety of grade levels and content areas)

Kick Off Session: October 10, 4pm-5pm
This will be an overview session where we will begin to develop a plan for the year, learn how to use the tools we will use to communicate, share and collaborate and explore ideas we would like to focus on this year.   (1 clock hour)

Group Session: October 16, 4pm - 6pm
In this session we will come prepared to share our goals and project ideas.  We will spend the session building out these plans and gathering the resources and knowledge needed to get started. (2 clock hours)

Final Group Session: May 1, 4pm - 6pm
In this session, we will celebrate our progress by sharing student work, products and accomplishments.  And plan next steps. (2 clock hours)

Webinars: Throughout the year, there will be opportunities to participate in webinars that will help you in your process.  You will be able to select from a menu which webinars would best meet your goals and interests.  (A short written reflection will be required to receive clock hours.)

Edmodo Group: The Edmodo group will be a place for communication, sharing ideas and questions and examples of student (or teacher) work.  Each week we will have a prompt to help keep the conversation and learning going. ( Weekly participation will be worth 5 clock hours)

Classroom Visits: During the year, I will schedule times to meet with you individually in your classroom and also plan times to come in and work with students.  

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