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Monday, September 9, 2013

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Digital Literacy Professional Development Opportunities this Year

Another great year is underway.  I am excited about all of the possibilities.  Each year, I work at getting better at providing opportunities to support teachers in engaging students through the use of technology in the classroom.  (And beyond.)  The math of providing these opportunities is my biggest challenge.  There is only one of me and there are hundreds of you.  There are only so many hours in the day and your hours are already full. etc., etc.  But as we know, Digital Literacy and Fluency is an important part of insuring that our students are College and Career ready.

I have several different opportunities planned for the year.  My hope is to provide a wide variety of ways to access and learn so that I can meet your different needs and schedules.  The following is an overview, I will be sharing specifics with information on registering etc. soon.

Each Monday, I will be hosting a 20 minute Digital Literacy Workshop. I will provide a form for you to sign up and receive the information needed to log in to the webinar.  The session will be short and sweet and focused on just one idea, resource or tool.  Maybe even just one aspect of that tool or resource.  Although you will be able to attend the webinars live, they will also be archived so that you can watch at a later date.  In order to receive clock hours for attending these sessions, you will need to attend at least 6 during the school year and complete a short form for each session.

With more and more teachers using mobile devices to teach and learn in the classroom, we have plenty to share and discuss on this topic.  So we will continue to have monthly get togethers to share new ideas and resources and learn new ways to leverage these tools in the classroom. These sessions will be one hour long and we will meet in different locations throughout the district.  Clock hours will be available if you attend at least 3 sessions.

I am excited about the opportunity to work with a small group of teachers throughout the year in a blended learning model.  Teachers involved in this project will meet a 3 times during the year in a group and then will participate in online discussions,webinars and projects as they practice what they are learning in the classroom.  I will also be visiting with these teachers in their classrooms and modeling lessons.  I will be sending out more information about this opportunity soon.

Invite me!  I love the opportunity to work with teachers to help meet learning goals in the classroom.  I am happy to come help as you try something new or need some help brainstorming solutions and ideas.  I am also hoping to have invitations and opportunities to come in and work with groups of students using tools and strategies I would like to share with others.  I will do a far better job of helping others use these tools and strategies if I have had the opportunity to explore the ideas with groups of students.

We have a Mount Vernon Digital Literacy Facebook page.  Like the page and I will share resources and ideas with you on a regular basis.  If you are already on Facebook, this is a great way to keep up on new ideas without having to search out a site etc.

We will continue to build opportunities for collaboration through the use of Edmodo this year.  Mount Vernon Teachers, please make sure that you are registered at and join the groups that interest you so that you can be a part of the conversation. I will be sending an email out with information on how to register and a list of groups.

I believe that blogging is a powerful tool for both teachers and students.
It helps us to reflect on our learning, be transparent about the process and provides a place for conversation and growth.  I am committed to blogging this year.  But I also want to support teachers who would also like to blog or would like for their students to blog.  I plan on doing a weekly blogging challenge to give you some ideas to get started.

Whew!  That is a lot!  I hope that you are able to find a fit with at least one or two of these opportunities.  Please stay tuned to find out more specifics about each of the opportunities.

Ways to stay tuned: 
Read emails I send out :)
Follow us on Facebook.
Follow my blog. 
Visit our Digital Literacy Workshop Page

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