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Friday, May 14, 2010

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VuVox for Presenting and Storytelling

VuVox is a neat tool I learned about from Alan Levine while exploring new Digital Storytelling tools over at Cogdogblog . So far, I have only scratched the surface with this tool and I look forward to playing further. This is a great tool for highlighting photos, but it can do so much more. By adding hotspots, you can add details in the form of text, audio, images and video. This could be a great tool to use for presentations, and for storytelling.

Here is my first attempt. This collage doesn't have any hotspots. But I like the way you can manipulate the images to really create some wow.

On the site, there are videos that show you how to create your collage.

I shared this tool at Digital Literacy Workshop last week and Lynnelle Larson one of our EETT Peer Coaches decided to use this tool for her end of the year presentation at her EETT Peer Coaching class. Beyond the great use of Vuvox, this presentation shows how Lynnelle has played with lots of different Web 2.0 tools in her classroom this year. What a great way for teachers to model new learning!

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Katherine Chipman said...

I am currently a student at Brigham Young University. I am interested in your blog and what you are doing with teaching with technology, because it closely parallels a Digital Civilizations class that I am taking at BYU. Our learning in the class is largely focused on self-learning through the many digital opportunities that we have. For the class, we have to create and keep a blog documenting our learning. (Here is a link to my blog: We are also working to connect with people around the world who have similar interests. This is possible because of the technological world in which we live. I am fascinated to see that you are working to implement this learning through technology with children. I would be interested in learning more about how that is going.