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Sunday, September 13, 2009

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Social Media Revolution

About a year ago, I introduced my mom to Facebook. Although, I am not a big Facebook user, I could see the power of this for my mom. I set it up so she was one click away from her Facebook page when she turned on her computer. It took her a little while to dive in, and even now, she is mostly a lurker. But when I call , she always has news to share with me that she has learned on Facebook. She follows her children, her grandchildren and lots of nieces and nephews. She knows what they eat for breakfast, when they wake up in their dorm room with an ant infestation and when they aren't being very appropriate. She get's it. She is part of the Social Revolution.

My mom is still toe dipping into this whole Social Media thing. Most people are. But that's the thing, even if they aren't in the deep end yet, most people are in the pool. And this is changing the way things get done.

I have built an incredible think tank of creative and inspiring Educators who I go to daily, to receive and share ideas, ask for advice, share resources and create and collaborate together on innovative projects. Yes, we sometimes share what we had for breakfast, but more often we share great tools and ideas and ask big questions like how do we deal with the reality of the Social Media Revolution in an education system that blocks many or most of the tools that the rest of the world uses to share, create, inquire and contribute?

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M Coleman said...

Glad to see another mom who is willing to get her 'toes wet'! Mine (at 88 years old) is still amazingly inquisitive and loves her FB connections! Such positive role models! :)