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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

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Week 23: Web 2.0 Wednesday Challenge

This week's challenge is a great tool for creating books. Mixbook lets you create online picture books using your pictures and words and their creative scrap-booking materials. Books can be made with students artwork, photos of Science experiments, field trip stories etc. The tool is free to use and the digital stories can be shared by e-mail or embedding in blogs, wikis or class websites. You can order printed copies of the book for a price. These make great gifts or additions to class or school libraries. Mixbook provides an educators section where teachers can create and edit in a secure online environment and receive discounts on printed materials. As those of you know who have been following these challenges. I love collaboration tools. You can create your own Mixbook, or you can invite others to join in collaborating on your mixbook.

Here is a book I created using Mixbook.

Click here to learn more about creating Mixbooks.

Week 23 Challenge:

1. Register for a Mixbook Educator's Account.
2. Choose to have your book viewable to everyone.
3. Invite me to collaborate on your book. ( (I will use this to embed your book on our challenge page.)
4. Create a Mixbook sharing student learning.
5. Share your book with me and others.
6. I will post all books shared on this site and will draw a winner on March 25.

My friend Sylvia Tolisano has created a great tutorial about creating a Mixbook. Check out her tutorial for step by step instructions.

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