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Thursday, November 27, 2008

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Wordle Compared

Yesterday I completed Lee Kolbert's Meme on Wordling your blog. I mentioned in my post that Wordle only takes the first 500 words of your blog. I had read and heard that before and that is indeed what my attempts at Wordling my blog had looked like. It was very cool to receive a comment from the creator of Wordle, Jonathan Feinberg who corrected what I had said. Jonathan explained that Wordle will take all the words in your blog feed but does not have control over what is in that feed. Your blog feed might not contain your entire blog. So, I did some experimenting. I first changed my settings so that all of my blog posts were on the same page. (I will change that back now.) Then I copied the whole thing. Pasted it into Wordle and I got a more comprehensive Wordle. There are still several common themes. Love that Students, Share, Teachers and Learning are all prominent. It is funny the pride I feel in seeing certain words.

Wordle Created by copying and pasting entire blog into Wordle.Net

Wordle Created by typing in my Blog RSS Feed URL.

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