Digital Doors was created as a place for me to blog and share resources that I think would be helpful for teachers integrating technology in meaningful ways in their classroom. My goal would be to write a blog post a week, but with my busy schedule, that doesn't happen. I write when I can and rely on nifty tools to help me share what I am finding when I don't have time to write.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

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Why I Blog

As a part of the 30 Days to Being a Better Blogger Challenge, we were asked to share why we blog.

Here are some of the reasons I came up with for why I blog on Opening Doors to Digital Learning.

  • I blog to inspire others to engage students in learning in new and powerful ways.
  • I blog to expand on conversations when microblogging doesn't cut it.I blog to share new ideas.
  • I blog to share my thoughts.
  • I blog to show appreciation and amazement of others.
  • I blog to reflect.
  • I blog to try out new things.
  • I blog to celebrate learning.
  • I blog to share new ideas.
  • I blog to get feedback
  • I blog to open doors for my students and fellow educators.
  • I blog to keep a record of what I am learning.
  • I blog because I want to have a voice.
  • I blog to share news.
  • I blog because I can.
The last reason might seem a little silly. But I actually think that it is one of the more powerful reasons to blog. I have been journaling in some form since I was a teenager. When I started teaching, my journaling turned into letter writing. Because of a dear friend and my dear mom, those letters of my adventures in teaching around the world have been archived into stacks and stacks of notebooks. My mom has always said that some day, she would like me to take those letters and write a book so that all could share in my journey. Wow, I wish that blogging would have been a way to communicate during those years of my career. With blogging, I am able to share my journey. Currently, I don' t think that my blog is that riveting to read. The main objective here is to share learning and ideas. Not very often do I have tales of swimming with penguins, dodging bullets in Somalia or going on Orangutan releases any more. But if I did, I could and would share those adventures here. We all have stories to tell and things to learn from each other. Blogging gives us a place to share our adventures. I blog because I can.

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