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Monday, June 23, 2008

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On The Road Again

Let me introduce you to Shania the Cow. Shania is a very well traveled cow. I invited Shania to come along with me on a road trip 2 summers ago. The idea was that I would share my roadtrip adventures in a blog with my students. On Shania’s first trip, she covered 6,000 miles, visited 14 states and 2 countries. Among other things, Shania visit the capitol buildings in Boise, Salt Lake, Lincoln, Little Rock, Denver and Santa Fe. She visited Custer’s Last Stand, spent the night in a teepee and hung out with Fred and Wilma at Bedrock. Since her first trip, she has traveled with me on several other adventures blogging all the way. She has also accompanied my students to Washington D.C. , Mexico, and the Carribean. I know that I am just a geeky teacher, and I come from a long line of geeky teachers. When I was growing up, my family and I went on great roadtrips. Learning was always more of a focus than relaxing or getting a tan. Now my husband and I go on great roadtrips as well. I love that my husband likes to stop at sites like “Thornburgh the Dog’s Grave” and “The World’s Largest Prairie Dog”. As a journal writer, and now as a blogger, I find myself, going out of my way to learn something new to share or do something adventurous or unique to post on the blog. Makes road trips a lot more fun and memorable. Now that Shania and I blog, blogging has become part of our adventure. We’ve learned how to “borrow” free wireless internet in the parking lots of hotels. We’ve been known to do things like blog on the toilet or in the hotel hall, just to get good reception. I know that staying connected with your students and the computer is not every teacher’s dream vacation, but for me, it is a great way reflect on my adventures and also open new world’s to my students. Shania is off again on another adventure. We leave tomorrow for the Googleplex for Google Teachers Academy. Then we fly to San Antonio for a great time at NECC. Then we are off on a 3 week roadtrip from Texas to Washington. If you would like to follow Shania on her adventures or check out her previous adventures, take a look at Pin It Now!


Moturoa said...

We have a similar class geocache toy, Tiny Ted. He went off adventuring on his own in America and has got lost.

If you see him him can you return him to us. He is very precious and we worry about him.

Tiny Ted

Martha said...

Will keep a look out for Tiny Ted. We have some Geocaching Travel Bugs as well. They seem to be hiding pretty well. Started off great and made it all the way across the country and then we haven't heard any more in a long time. Need the perfect geocacher to find them and send them on their way.