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Monday, June 23, 2008

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Getting Googley

Getting Googley

As Cindy Lane shared, I feel like Charlie in the Chocolate Factory and I have won the golden ticket. I was thrilled to learn that I was one of 50 teachers from around the world chosen to spend a day at the Googleplex (Google Headquarters) at the Google Teachers Academy, learning about all things Google. Not only am I really looking forward to visiting the much acclaimed Google Headquarters and seeing how they run such an amazing company, I am also really psyched about the great group of people who are assembling there. There are literally teachers teaching all over the world who will be there. This is really exciting for me since I spent the first 12 years of my teaching career teaching in developing countries around the world. I am looking forward to making some great connections that will help me open up new worlds to my students. I look forward to learning lots of new strategies for using Google’s great tools in my teaching. I will share all that I can. (Google did make me sign a nondisclosure agreement. So no photos or top secrets will be shared…:) My summer is off to a great geeky start! Google and NECC, here I come!

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