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Friday, March 21, 2008

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Invite a Celebrity to StoryTime

Since NCCE, I've had a bit of blog block. Not because I have nothing to say, but that I have been in information overload. Lots of cool things happening and I am learning tons. So, what do I mine out to share with my teaching friends without giving you a huge list of links of things to try? I'll start here and see if starting helps stop the block.

Reading to students is one of the favorite things I get to do in the day. It is often the only fiction reading I find time to do in my busy life. I cherish this time, but sometimes it is good to mix things up and have a guest reader come in and share. The more people kids can see enjoying books, the more likely, they themselves will become lifelong readers. Storyline Online is a wonderful new way to share a story. The site has a collection of beloved children's picturebooks being read by a variety of celebrities. The videos are well done. Children not only get to see and hear a great story, they also see a great example of reading fluently and with expression. This site is put together by the Screen Actors Guild. In addition to the story videos, you can also download an activity guide to acompany the story. Although the stories are geared to primary, this is a resource that could be used in a variety of ways at all levels. How about using this a jumping point for older students to create their own StorylineOnline stories to share with younger students? Since the video also includes the written words, this would also be a great tool to use with ELL students. The vocabulary is rich, the reading is expresive and the stories are classic. So, invite Al Gore or Melissa Gilbert to your next story hour and enjoy the possibilities.

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