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Saturday, February 2, 2008

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Photo Story Voice Thread Mash Up

I realize that this little slide show isn't very educational. But I wanted to explore using a few different tools together to see what I could create. I started by creating a PhotoStory about Roswell's identity crisis. (We actually received a Doggy DNA kit in the mail yesterday). I saved the PhotoStory as a WMV. I then tried uploading it to a VoiceThread. I tried several times with no success. Asked my network and most didn't know you could insert videos. Finally, I decreased the size of the file and I was able to make it work. The quality isn't as good as I would like, but, it works. Would love for you to contribute to the VoiceThread. Just for fun. If you do not have a VoiceThread account, it is easy to get one at There are millions of way more educational ways to use this tool. What ways can you think of? By the way, we should get the results from the DNA test in 4-6 weeks. I will let you know if he is a chihuahua or a poodle. Pin It Now!

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