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Monday, January 28, 2008

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VoiceThread is a great program for collaborating. There are so many possibilities for teachers. So much so, that VoiceThread has chosen to add a special program just for K-12 Educators. Currently, all teachers can get a free educational account. Ed.VoiceThread adds individual accounts for each student. These extra features add security and ability for students to create their own projects. With Ed.VoiceThread, there is a cost, so my suggestion would be to try out the free educator's VoiceThread account first and then see if it is worth investing in the Ed.Voicethread account.

There are many ideas about how this program could be used. Earlier I wrote about a Mathcast program where math problems were posted and then different students shared how they would solve the problem. Students could comment on pictures of news stories, art work, etc. I recently saw a language project where Students created pictures illustrating common phrases, like hello, I'm sorry, and How are you. Then they opened their VoiceThread up to others. People from different places shared how they would say the phrases in their language. Very cool.

Here is a VoiceThread that I have just created for our Mathlincs project. It is just in the beginning stages, so watch it grow.
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MrMartinsClass said...

You let them DRAW on the Capitol?? Ha! What a great use of VoiceThreads. Give the kids a big Howdy from Texas and congratulations on a job well done.