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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

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Webinars: Professional Development At Your Own Desk

One of the benefits of Discovery Streaming is the ability to participate in Webinars. (Online, interactive presentations.) It is a neat experience to be able to attend a meeting with teachers from all over the world without even leaving your desk. Most webinars require you to sign up and also download software so that you may participate in the discussion. You dial in on a toll free number so that you may hear the broadcast as well as ask questions and contribute. There is also a chat window where participants can comment on what is being said. This is just one more way that we can build our knowledge.

Most webinars on Discovery Education are design for teacher professional development. But they also provide some webinars that are designed to have your whole class participate. Earlier this school year, my class was able to participate in a webinar with architect Danny Forster of Build It Bigger. Students were able to see the presentation and have a real time conversation. They have had similar webinars featuring the producer of Meerkat Manor and Mr. Wizard. Teachers were prompted to have supplies in order to do hands on experiments in real time with Mr. Wizard.

As is reality in trying to plan even a local meeting, it is hard to find a time that works for everyone. Luckily, many of the webinars are archived so that you may watch them at your convenience. Some of these archived webinars would make for a great staff meeting stopping to have discussions along the way. I recently attended a webinar with Daniel Pink, best selling author of A Whole New Mind. I would highly recommend you taking a look at the archive of this webinar and learn how the world of learning is changing. You can also see the other archived webinars at this link. Pin It Now!

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