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Thursday, November 12, 2015

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Join the Sharing Revolution

In my job, I have the opportunity to get out into schools and see the amazing learning happening in classrooms across the district.  I don't think that a day goes by that I am not asking a teacher or a student if it is ok if I share with others what I observed or learned from them.  We have so much to share.  This should be a part of what we do.  We have so much to share and we also have lots to learn from the teacher in the room next door, or the school down the road.  In addition to sharing with our fellow teachers, which in itself is so powerful, we should also sharing with our community.  Our community is and should be part of our learning village. Whether we work for the district or not, we as a community all want to know about the great learning happening in our schools.  This week, Andrew Bishop shared his latest "Ask a student" video with our community via Youtube, Facebook and Twitter.  And as a community, we celebrated the thoughtfulness of the students and the creativity in sharing.  With the social media tools we have available to us as teachers, we have the opportunity to not only open the doors to our classrooms so that students can learn beyond the walls, but we can also open our classroom doors for all to see the amazing things happening in our classrooms.  George Couros, a champion in building innovative learning cultures in schools,shares this idea in one of his latest posts.

Two things can happen here.  We commit to share with others and we also commit to learn and celebrate with others.  What a powerful idea! 

Of course, not all of what we see and hear on Social Media about our schools is positive. The best way to change this is to make sure that we are faithfully sharing and celebrating the good stuff and intentionally reflecting on even the "bad stuff". And because George Couros does such a nice job of sharing with others, I will end this blog with another great quote from George. "We need to make the positive so loud that the negative becomes almost impossible to hear." 

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