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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

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A Few of My Favorite Reads

As a part of my job as a Digital Literacy Specialist, and well really as a teacher, I am constantly reading and learning new things from a variety of sources.  I do my best to share some of what I learn with you.

I use a tool called Feedly to gather the blogs I read into one place so that I can easily sort through and find information to share.

I thought I'd quickly share a few blogs that I enjoy and learn from frequently.

Richard Byrne at shares great resources daily.  He reviews new tools and shares tutorials he has created to show teachers how to effectively use the tools in their classroom.

Alice Keeler at appeals to my Googly and nerdy side.  She shares great ideas for using Google Apps for Education in your classroom and the coolest part is that she creates and shares her own scripts to add even more functionality to Google Apps.

George Couros shares at The Principal of Change  He is a principal at a school in Canada.  He always has challenging ideas about how to make schools and teaching better.

I'll stop there for now and share more later.

I encourage you to use a tool such as Feedly and to start gathering a library of blogs that you enjoy and find informative.  (They don't all have to be school related.) Pin It Now!

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