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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

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E-ARTC Technology and Diversity Speaker Event

·         To RSVP (and provide us with an estimated # of attendees), click this link ASAP to Google forms and  indicate all sessions you plan to attend
Top of Form
·         For Driving Directions, as needed:
o    (a.m.) To WWU and Parking Office, in Bellingham
o    (p.m.) To NCTA in Mt. Vernon – driving directions are on the attached NCTA Parking Permit Doc
·         For Free Parking:
§  (a.m.) at WWU - drive to the Parking Office and ask for a free permit for this event
§  (p.m.) at NCTA – click on the attached ‘NCTA Parking Permit’ doc to print a free pass for your car
·         For Clock Hours (thanks to SETC), you must attend a minimum of 3 hrs. Go to  to create an account/register for clock hour session #108031. Open the 2 attached Clock Hour form docs for more details

·         For Questions, contact
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