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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

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Giddy for Google Apps for Education

I am a huge fan of Google Tools.  I've been called a Google Head, the Google Queen and a Google Geek. The suite of Google Apps provides great productivity, creativity and collaboration opportunities.  So you can imagine how giddy this Google Certified Teacher is about the adoption of Google Apps for Education in the Mount Vernon School District.  You might be familiar with the great suite of tools that Google offers to anyone free of charge.  Google Apps for Education brings all of this and more under a domain specific umbrella, which includes controls that make it a safe environment for all students, and handy tools for easy collaboration between students and teachers.  With Google Apps for Education all of our students and teachers will have their own g-mail account (for emailing within our domain), calendar, and Google Drive with storage and the productivity suite of word processing, spread sheet, drawing, and forms. Students and teachers will be able to easily share folders, files and documents.  And best of all, powerful collaboration happens easily with these great tools.

I am excited about building this culture of collaboration using Google Apps for Education.

  • Google apps are available to staff and students from any internet capable device.  
  • Students have access to a great productivity suite without having to purchase more expensive software such as Microsoft Office. 
  • Students will be able to use these same tools as they transition to career and college. 
Added bonus.
  • Sharing, collaborating and turning work in online can mean a great reduction in paper and printing cost.  
I will be sharing tips for using Google Apps for Education on a regular basis.  So stay tuned as the power of Google Apps for Education unfolds and grows in the Mount Vernon School District.  

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