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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

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Edmodo is a Hit with 6th Graders

As I have stated in an earlier post, we are introducing Edmodo into our district this year.  Our first step will be to use this tool in Professional Development.  When teachers go to a training they will be given a code to join a class so that they can access materials and participate in conversations and sharing around the topics presented in the training.  I am excited to see how this goes this year.

I used Edmodo in this way with teachers during my August trainings.  In hopes that this would not only take off as a tool for teacher collaboration, but also as a great tool for teachers to use with their students.

Today, I received this  success story from Lea Legare, a 6th grade teacher at Little Mountain.

I just thought that I would share a little "woo hoo!" for/about my class
with you.  We have started using Edmodo last week in class for our
reading groups and homework help.  Granted it is the first week of using
it, so we are still tackling the process of understanding what a
complete post looks like and our group expectations.  I have split the
class into five reading groups and they all respond to each other as
well as my questions regarding our class read aloud.  Each student is
also enrolled in a whole group discussion board where I am posting
quizzes and giving instructions for the small groups. Each student is
also enrolled in a homework help group where they can post to each other
and me about questions they have on their homework in the evenings. 

When I signed onto my email on Friday, I had 95 emails waiting for
me..all notifications of responses on Edmodo.  It has been a hit!  I
actually saw that some kids were signing on and responding at nine
o'clock on Friday evening and throughout the entire weekend.  They are

Just thought you might like to start your Tuesday off with a technology
Now don't let the 95 responses in the email scare you.  There are ways to adjust the notifications so you get them in chunks that you can handle.

What a great use of this tool.  Students are not only practicing their communication skills but also learning about digital citizenship and social media as they learn best how to be valuable contributors to the conversation.

If you would like to learn more about using Edmodo, join us for our first Digital Literacy Workshop on Monday, September 24.  We will be meeting in the District Office Tech Lab from 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm.

Register for the class here.

Thank you to Lea for sharing.  I would love to highlight the cool things happening in your classroom as well.  Please share.

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