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Friday, October 29, 2010

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Digital Literacy News 10-29-10

Mount Vernon Digital Literacy News

October 29,2010
Digital Literacy Workshop

Monday, November  1:  
Creating Presentations with Multimedia Tools:  We will look at several tools that both you and your students can use to put wow into your presentations. Using these tools helps students build media literacy skills which will help them to navigate the digital world and become better communicators.

Upcoming Digital Literacy Workshop: Monday, Nov 8 Web 2.0 Wows:  I find new tools and resources every week.  Join me as I share a many of my favorite finds.  Some new finds and some of my old favorites.  Come with a few of your own favorites to share if you’d like. Would love a big audience for this day.  OSPI will be here looking to see how our teachers are engaging in technology.

See a schedule for the year.

Open Lab: 2:30 - 5:00

Resource Instruction: 3:15 - 4:00               
Monday Afternoons, District Office Tech Lab.

Clock  Hours are available.

Links to Explore

Free Offer of Art Prints from Picturing America

Interactive Science Simulations

My Immigration Story : The story of modern day US immigrants in their own words.

What is Your Sentence?: Daniel Pink ask you to share your sentence of what motivates you.

Shmoop:  Study Guides and Teacher Resources

OSPI Technology Assessments Update

Some of you are aware that Classroom Based Assessments or OSPI Developed Assessments have been created for Health and Fitness, Social Studies and
The Arts..  These assessments are designed to be done in your classroom and connect to the state standards.  These assessments are reported to OSPI.  The assessments provide a way for schools to monitor students proficiency in meeting the standards in these areas not tested on the MSP or HSPE. Last year, I was asked to participate on a committee to create similar project based assessments that would address the state technology standards.  In an effort to minimize the impact on classroom teachers and also to emphasize the fact that technology is a tool that is used to teach content and should be integrated into content areas, the work of the team has been to first, create technology assessments that can be integrated into the previously created OSPI Developed Assessments in  Social Studies and Fine Arts.  These “hybrid” assessments are now in field testing and will go through range finding this year.  You can take a look at the assessments and choose to use them if you wish.  I think that especially with the Social Studies assessments, you will find that many teachers were already including technology integration into these activities and now have been provided with extra guidance and resources in addition to a rubric for assessing the technology.  (Kind of like killing two birds with one stone.)  This year, the charge is to create similar assessments with other content focuses.  I have just returned from a few very intense days of writing tech assessments that align to Science and Math. In November we will add more assessments aligned to other content areas.  You can take a peak at our current drafts on the OSPI site.  The Science, Math and other content areas will be added in December.  I know that it is a bit ominous to think of adding anything else to your plate, much effort has gone into designing tech infused project based activities that already fit your current units of study and standards.  I am working with a great group of educators from across the state with strong backgrounds in both technology and or content areas.  Lots of great questions and insight.  Planning technology assessments that can be done in any school or classroom in the state by any teacher is quite a challenge.  

Video of the Week

On Monday we will be looking at several different tools to use for presentation in your classroom.  These are good for presenting information as a teacher in class, but also, some of these tools are great ways for students to share there learning with others. I hope you will come and see several examples and pick one or two to try in your classroom.  Greg Doud, Social Studies teacher at LaVenture sent me this example of a student presentation using Prezi.  This is not really a video, but I thought that I would share this here.  Last year I shared Prezi and many teachers found great ways to use this in their classroom and other presentations.

Tech Triumphs

The last two weeks at Digital Literacy Workshop I have seen some exciting collaboration happening with some of our Kindergarten teachers.  Not only have they come to learn about the new tools shared during the workshop, they have come prepared to share with each other about topics such as developing a report card and teaching about the seasons and holidays. These teachers teach at different schools, but are planning together.  This is exactly what the Open Lab time before and after the Digital Literacy Workshop is designed for.  This is a time to meet with other teachers and collaborate on projects and get answers to tech questions you might have.  Not only can you plan to meet collaborate with others, you can also come with questions for me.  I am happy to walk through things with you and brainstorm ideas and resources.  

Digital Citizenship

A Thin Line   Is a campaign started on MTV to help educate students about issues of cyberbullying, sexting etc.  There are many resources here to help explain the issues and information about how to help students deal with these issues.

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