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Monday, September 21, 2009

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9-21-09 Web 2.0 Wows

Google Fast Flip:

Are you a news junkie who still likes to turn the pages of a news paper or magazine? This might be for you. Google recently launched Fast Flip. Google has teamed up with 36 publishers for the initial rollout. Users who visit the Fast Flip site are greeted with large thumbnail images of various articles sorted by their source, topic, or current popularity. Once you click on an article Fast Flip lets you flip through the pages as if you were flipping through a traditional print magazine or newspaper. There are lots of great tools (many of them Google) for aggregating your news sites to meet your needs. This tool can do that, but it's main focus is providing you your news in a Fast Flip format. At this point, it is more of a tool for you than your students. But I thought it was worth sharing, because we as busy teachers, don't always have time to sit down and peruse a magazine or newspaper.

This is great! Two of my favorite edTech Presenters, Hall Davidson and Steve Dembo, have teamed together with CDW and Discovery Education to create a series of short videos on a variety of Web 2.0 tools. It is like they have taken what I want to share during Digital Learning Workshops and condensed it even further into this great introduction to many useful Web 2.0 tools. Beyond the great and timely content, and the humorous way they present, I love the way that they filmed the segments, using a green screen and interacting with screen shots. I can't wait to find a teacher who would like to try out a project like this. There are 6 videos and they are each about 5-6 minutes long. So take a few minutes a day to be inspired and conquer any technophobia you might have. Once on the site, you will find other useful links and resources as well. Pin It Now!

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