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Saturday, January 31, 2009

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My Creative Learning Network

I made it through the first month of the 365 Photo a Day Challenge. I am really loving this challenge. I find myself much more aware of my surroundings and am learning a lot about photography both from experimenting with shots and from following others who are participating in the same challenge. When I started the challenge, I really thought that it would be just me posting photos to remember the year. But what I am finding is that I am beginning to use Flickr as a social networking tool. Flickr now is more than a place where I store and organize my photos, it is a place where I learn and share with others and build networks. I look forward to visiting the EdTech365/2009 group each day to see what everyone has posted. Often I comment on other's photos and find that others have commented on mine. I have even learned how to use this tool as a way to learn more about good photography. When I see a shot I really like, I can read about the type of camera, the exposure, etc. It has only been one month and I feel that I have learned so much. I look forward to what I will continue to learn from the project and my new CLN (Creative Learning Network.)

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