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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

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Web 2.0 Wednesday Challenge Week 15: GCast


Week 15: GCast

Podcast from your phone!

Podcasting has so many possibilities for use in schools. Podcasts can be used to share lessons, student reports, school news, field trip reports, digital story telling, primary source interviews, and so much more. Lots to share about podcasting and we will do more challenges in the future with podcasting, but this week, I wanted to share one very simple podcasting tool and challenge you to take part in a district wide podcasts. All you have to do is make a phone call and record a short message. is a free service for recording and creating podcasts. The beauty of GCast is that you don't even need to be at a computer to record a podcast. You can record remotely by calling in. This is helpful when equipment is limited or you are recording on the road. Students can call in assignments. Students can record primary source interviews and much
\much more. Teachers could remotely create a podcast when away from class. I know a teacher who creates podcasts while driving (using bluetooth of course.)

Note: GCast is not fully functional from school but is still a very useful tool to use and know about. From school, you can call in the recordings and you can listen to the podcasts. The only thing that you are unable to do behind school filters is play the individual mp3 clips.

Week 15 Challenge: Contribute to our collaborative podcast.

Share a Wish for the New Year.

1. Plan a quick message about your wishes for the new year make sure to include your name and school site.
2. Call 1-888-65-GCAST
3. They will ask for your PIN.
(PIN is included in this week's e-mail. If you have misplaced it, e-mail me at and I will send it to you.)
4. They will then say it is the incorrect number and ask you to enter the phone number you registered with.
5. Enter 360-428-6110
6. Enter the PIN again.
7. They will ask you to record a message.
8. Record your message and then hit #
9. To review your recording press 1.
11. Save the file by pressing 2.
12. If you want to rerecord. Press 3 to erase and try again.

On Tuesday, January 6, I will compile all of the messages. (hopefully there will be lots) and create our collaborative podcast. Lots of time to do this. All you have to know how to do is dial the phone and talk. You can do this one!!!

For those of you really interested in getting in to podcasting, here are some resources. The Web 2.0 Wednesday Challenges are designed to only take a few minutes, but there is much to learn about Podcasting. I will be offering some podcasting classes in the Spring. I will also offer some other challenges using different podcasting tools.

Here are a few resources to get you started:

Also published on our challenge site. Web 2.0 Wednesday Challenge.

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