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Saturday, November 1, 2008

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Web 2.0 Wednesday Challenge Week 9: Flickr

Welcome to Week 9 of the Web 2.0 Wednesday Challenge.
Congratulations to Debbie Guildner for winning the drawing for the Week 7 Web 2.0 Challenge: Wordle. Debbie created a Wordle representing her volleyball team.

Wordle has been the most talked about challenge so far. Everyone seems to love making Wordles. Please continue to send in the URLS for Wordles you create so I can share them on our Wordle Gallery. Also please share any ideas you may have for using Wordles in class. Remember that you still have a week to complete the Week 8 Challenge: Big Huge Labs. This is another fun and easy challenge. Check out the gallery so far. If you haven't done it yet, give it a try.

Week 9 Challenge: Flickr and other Photo Tools

Educators know that using images helps students make connections to what they are learning. Images can bring lessons alive and make learning more personal. Flickr is one of many great tools for sharing and organizing your photos online. There are many great uses for using this tool in your classroom. This week's challenge is to share a photo using Flickr. If you do not have a Flickr account, it is easy to create one and begin sharing your photos with the world. In this challenge you will use tagging to give your photo a unique identification that can be used to search. Tagging is a great tool for sharing photos of a specific event with friends and family. In future challenges, we will be doing other things with digital photos. So, if you have not yet created a Flickr account, this is a great time to do it.

1.Take a photo with your digital camera. The theme is fall. The photo can be of anything that represents the Autumn season.
2. Create a Flickr account if you don't already have one. (One thing about Web2.0 is that you have to sign up for lots of accounts.)
3. Upload a fall picture to share with others. (If students are in the photo, be sure you have permission to publish their photo.)
4. Tag the picture with this tag MVSDFALLChallenge
In the description, include your name and school. (so you can be entered in the drawing)
5. Send the link to the picture to me by e-mail at

I will share your creation and your ideas on our challenge page. One lucky participant will win a fun and useful prize.
Check out the Tech Training offerings at the District Office for this year. Upcoming classes include EasyGradePro and Aims on Novemeber 5, Blogs and Wikis on November 6 and Discovery Education Streaming on November 13. You can sign up for one class, or a bundle of classes for clock hour credit. Registration for the November classes will be closed on Friday, October 31, so please be sure to register and mark your calendar. In addition to these classes, I am willing and excited about working with you on setting up projects in your class or helping you connect with other classes for collaboration. Give me a call at 3011 if you have an idea or would like my support on a project you are doing.

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