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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

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Please Take My Poll

I am trying out yet another tool that has many classroom applications. allows you to poll your audience either by cell phone or web and watch the results real time. You can embed the poll on your website or blog. You can also embed the poll on a PowerPoint so that you can poll your class or audience during a presentation. Just to try it out, I asked a quick multiple choice question about microblogging. You can also ask open ended questions. That will be my next test. PollEverywhere is free for the first 2 or three polls and then there is a cost. But, they do offer a free subscription for teachers teaching at schools that have not met AYP. If your school fits the bill, you can sign up at and then e-mail them with your username and password and they will set you up with an account for your class. I was able to get an account that will work for all of the teachers in my district who might want to use this tool. (They gave me an account for 50 users.) I see this as a neat tool for getting real time information in the class. Polling teachers, parents and the community. I look forward to exploring the many possibilities.

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Mary Frazier said...

Thanks for trying this. I was just messing with poll everywhere this morning. I want to use it Friday with cell phones.

MrMartinsClass said...

Had teachers using it this week. There was a look of total uninterest until we discussed parent input from home or online. Someone suggested staff climate polls during staff meetings...anonymous replying. :)

Martha said...

Great ideas. I am hoping to share this with teachers in our district soon. Hope that they will see the power in instant communication.