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Thursday, June 26, 2008

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Professional Development Goals

Dennis Grice has tagged me with this Professional Development Goals meme. This is a perfect opportunity for me as I transition to my new position as Technology Professional Development Specialist for our District. (Whatever that means.) This is a new position and we are creating the job description as I go. This is challenging, exciting and very overwhelming. There are so many important directions I need to go and so many big needs the district has for this type of position. I am excited, because they hired me for this position based not on my expertise, but on my vision for education that looks very different from the way things are now. The district sees the need to move forward and to make changes. But, change is messy and hard. There will be many who put up blinders when technology is entered into the mix. Not because they don't want to make the effort to be the best teachers that they can be, but because it is just one more thing, added to their overloaded plates and discouragement over trying to do things that have taken way too much time or didn't work due to lack of adequate resources. I could go on, but let's just say, I have lots of interesting challenges ahead. How to eat a watermelon, one bite at a time. So, the 3 bites (goals) I commit to achieving this summer are as follows.

Section 1: The Obligatory Posting of the Meme Rules
  1. Pick 3 professional development goals and commit to achieving them this summer.
  2. For the purposes of this activity the end of summer will be Labor Day (09/01/08).
  3. Post the above directions along with your 3 goals on your blog.
  4. Title your post Professional Development Meme and link back/trackback to
  5. Use the following tag/ keyword/ category on your post: pdmeme.
  6. Tag 8 others to participate in the meme.
  7. Achieve your goals and “develop professionally.”
  8. Commit to sharing your results on your blog during early or mid-September.
Section 2: My Goals
1. Organize the structure I will use for professional development, including an online class, tutorials, a blog, hands on workshops, and classroom embedded instruction.
2. Connect and collaborate with at least 3 others in similar positions to learn the tricks of the trade.
3. Work on time management skills which include, putting appointments and schedule in GoogleCalendar, saying no sometimes, scheduling at least 2 hours a day for dog walking, exercise,, healthy cooking and time with family.

Section 3: Tag! You're It!
If you see your name below, you know what to do.
  1. Cindy Lane
  2. Diana Kenney
  3. Colette Cassinelli
  4. Lisa Parisi
  5. Teryl Magee
  6. Lisa Harpel
  7. Tracy Hall
  8. Teresa Vaughn

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Clif said...

This is sounds like a terrific job, Martha. I wish I had that job title as it sums up what I want to be doing (hope that I am doing).

Thanks for participating in the PD Meme. I look forward to hearing about the results.

Lisa Harpel said...

I just found your tag, so I started a blog at to hold up my end of the deal. I'm glad you thought of me.